Case Study: The Grip Guys

• The Client - The Grip Guys, a film crew team.

• The Problem - Need a logo to represent them.

• The Solution - Design the logo

• The Implementation - The client presented me with their initial concept. Using their photography and color scheme, I recreated and refined the concept, making more detailed silhouettes. Not satisfied with that, the letter G offered a possibility. It was easily converted into a “C-clamp”, often used on sets to hang lights or as needed. The “C-clamp” and Grip term literally work hand in hand together perfectly, gripping the other letters.

Finally the client was supplied with a variety of file formats and few varients. The formats are primarily Photoshop documents with Illustrator smart objects layered inside. This allows the client to use the vector graphics as well as layer effects with ease.


Looking forward to seeing the logo roll in the credits after the next film they work on.

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