Case Study:  ZA Group

The Client - ZA Group, LLC, a leading designer of gun range targets.

• The Problem - Creative direction, marketing and production.

• The Solution - Create everything, continually expand and grow the brands.

• The Implementation - We created our first zombie, to see if we could be comfortable with this project concept, and it worked out great! We quickly expanded to a variety of brands, from zombie related, space aliens, classic monsters to dinosaurs and anatomical targets, and products, from gun range targets, ammunition boxes, clothing lines and so much more. Projects include website design, branding, logos, clothing designs, packaging, advertising, video production, press releases, promotions and events.


An incredibly fun set of genres to work with, so many opportunities to meet great people and so many great projects to work on.

Gun Range Targets/Poster, 23"x35"

Proposed T-shirts

Proposed Hats

Magazine Ads

Event Promo Sheets

Promo Flyers

Press releases

Point of purchase Displays

Video Producer

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