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Studio M27 is simply the studio name for the professional and freelance work of Marshall C. Johnson. Feel free to contact me regarding any projects that you have in mind or need my assistance in finishing.


mcj@studiom27.com    •   952.240.3686

Located in Eagan, MN, I'm available locally in the Twin Cities area.


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Krainkn Skateboards provides a new way to use a skateboard. It's like training wheels and so much more. The assignment was to create group of characters, each with their own unique personalities, to support a young girl product line. Also, at the clients request, zombie versions...!
www.krainkn.comCase Study

ZA Group

The ZA Group is dedicated to bringing new and fun range targets. As the Creative Director, I've been able to work on and create a number of fun brands and product lines starting with zombies and expanding from there. These targets are designed and built to be high resolution at 2'x3'. They are also used in promotion and collateral materials, including t-shirts and displays. • www.za-group.usCase Study

Ultimately illustration is what I'm here to do. Starting with the simple desire to comic book artwork, it has since evolved to being completely digital, primarily using photoshop and 3D rendering. Guiding the viewer though layout and design as well as remembering the story is king.

Beware, The Watchers

"A lonely man finds hope in a device that gives him everything he wants, but there is a dark side!" This comic book project was designed to be a movie prop and to support this movie short. It included five alternate covers, a full back page ad, seven comic pages, 8 movie comic pages and misc advertisements.
"Beware, The Watchers!" movie website






Logos are one the most fun parts of a project for me. Capturing the very fundamentals of a brand or project and making something memorable and instantly readable for the viewer are always the goal. If something extra special can be added, even better!

Cut Reaction

"A revolutionary way for video producers' to get reviews of their cuts." The client had a concept for a logo and simply needed polish. In one short meeting, we filtered down the to the basic idea behind the brand and created a logo that expressed it.
www.cutreaction.comCase Study

Grip Guys

"When you need help filming a production call The Grip Guys!"

The client had a rough idea and simply needed it built up and finished. The final product has a variety of options and alternatives available. • Grip Guys FB PageCase Study

ZA Group

The ZA Group is dedicated to bringing new and fun range targets. With a goal of making every brand clear and easy to recognize, ZA Group logos have been an evolving project with growing brands and product lines. Certain brands maintain a family feel to them, while others need to stand separately on their own. • www.za-group.usCase Study

Pink Mist Tech

"If you can shoot, we can make it bleed!" Pink Mist Tech needed a logo that expressed the product and the concept without all of the mess that could be associated with it. The logo, like the product, has a bullet shot through it, effectively illustrating the everything it was designed for, with similar results. The font is even impact.





Pink Mist Tech

"If you can shoot, we can make it bleed!" The packaging for this product involved three components, the outer package, the backing board and the product itself. We worked with manufacturers to find the best form factor and began designing from there. It offered unique challenges but we overcame them and delivered an amazing product.

I enjoy the challenges of working on packaging. Maintaining brand identities and style guides, looking at what the client's needs and goals are all the way down to the final decision making of the consumer. Each product package has it's own limits and opportunities.

Zombie Ammo

The initial product launched by the ZA group and it's brand "Zombie Ammo". Since the product line has a great deal of expansion possibilities, I am looking forward to revisiting them again.  • www.zombieammo.comCase Study

Agency Work

Miscellaneous, nationally recognized packaging artwork, with 3d modeling and rendering projects.





Pink Mist Tech
Training Video

Featuring Amanda Day

Directed and Filmed by Hot Head Productions

Make-up and Consultant by Nicole Fae

Produced by Marshall Johnson

Additional support by The Bullet Exchange

I've been very fortunate to be involved with a variety of commercial and movie shoots. These are samples where I was able to wear the "producer" hat, among others. Starting with the concept, to story boards, scripts, organizing, scheduling, casting, catering and whatever else was needed. I have also been very fortunate to have access to outstanding directors, actors, make-up artists, production crews and post-production artists. I will recommend them if called upon to do so. Enjoy!

- IMDB, other movie-related projects I've been involved in.

Zombie Ammo TV Spot

Starring Sarah French

Produced by Marshall Johnson

Directed & Edited by Wayne Johnson

Shot and Color Graded by Mark Kasper

Zombie Make-Up by: Nicole Fae and Laura Hart

Audio Design by Jamey Forness

Set Design and Construction by Chris Whurr

www.zombieammo.comCase Study


Just for Fun!


Practice &



Gallery One

Gallery of projects done in my free time. Designed to practice my skills, learn new ones and also relax and unwind. Enjoy!

Gallery Two

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